Half Album

I have a new 8gb clip.  It will only play 7 of the songs of any album I pick. eg all songs show as x/7, with x being the current track number.  I have formatted it, reset it with both the menu option and the power switch.  I have also upgraded the firmware.  I assume this is defective.

Wow–this is a new one.  How about your songs:  is there anything about the encoding of them that could be causing an issue?  Will the second half of those albums (the songs that won’t play) play on your computer and on another player (do you have one around to test this)?  Are they in a Clip-recognized format, and non-DRM protected?  (For example, if one is not careful, you easily can add copy protection onto tunes encoded by WMP.)  Are the songs that won’t play correctly tagged with their ID3 tags (you can check with a tag editor or on Windows by right clicking on the song and then checking under one of the Properties sub-screens (Details under Vista))? 

They play fine on my computer.  All encoded as WMA 128kbps, no copy protection.  The file information shows up fine.  The weird part is that every album only lists seven tracks, and not necessarily the first seven or any seven in a row either.

Even more bizarre!  So, do all the songs show up on your Clip, when you connect your Clip to your computer and use your computer to see what’s on your Clip?  I’m just wondering if there’s a glitch with the file transfer.  This is really odd …

Very odd. Did it do this before you upgraded the firmware? Or (since you said it’s new) did you load any music before you upgraded? You could try downgrading the firmware and see if the problem persists.