Clip Jam locked on FW Upgrading - Don't Disconnect

I was charging my Clip Jam and when I went to turn it on I got the message of FW Upgrading - Don’t Disconnect.  I didn’t initiate a firmware upgrade on the device.  I can’t get to the device when connected to the USB of any of my computers now so I can’t try to download the latest firmware to the ClipJam.  None of the options holding down the power button or the holding down the power button and back button together are clearing the message and booting up the ClipJam.  Any advice other than buying a new one?

Although it takes some time, some have had success leaving the player on until the battery runs out, then plugging it in.

Problem is only when I have it plugged into the computer now does it stay on FW Upgrading - Don’t Disconnect.  When not plugged into the computer and I try to power on it flashes SanDisk for a second then immediately shuts off