Clip+ Fried After Connecting to Car Aux Input

Just got a new Clip+ 8gb the other day, loaded songs onto it and t iwas working fine.  I plugged it into my car stereo’s  AuX in and it suddenly died.  Would not turn on and I tried all of the advice on this site to re-start it.  It was completely dead. So I sent it back and got a replacement thinking it was a freak thing ,but when I plugged this one in the same thing happened… fried. 

Does anyone else know if this is a common problem with the Clip+ or am I possibly dealing with an issue on my car stereo’s Aux input connector?

I’ve never heard of this before.  It sounds like your aux. in port somehow is shooting power back to the Clip, to short it out–could that be possible?

That’s what I was thinking, but I don’t see how that could happen.  It should be receiving the signal from the Clip not the other way around right?  I’m gonna try and test the Aux In with another device (if I can find something old that I don’t care about)

Well I figured out that the Sansa Clip+ is not the problem.  I tried hooking an old CD walkman up to my car aux and it started to make a burning smell… Not good…

It’s actually an adapter for a rear Aux -in Cd changer that I got off Ebay, supposed to work with mp3 players… so the problem may lie in the adapter…

Had considering adding one of those–glad I’m using the front aux. in instead.   :wink:

It could be defective, sending power down the signal lines. It may also be connected wrong, placing a power wire to what should be a signal wire. Hookup needs to be verified with a voltmeter and diagram.