No sound from Clip when connected to car charger and car's Aux in

I just got a car charger for my 8GB Clip. I have the Clip connected to the car’s Aux In connector, and it plays beautifully this way.


However, when I connect the car charger, which is one made by Motorola for a cell phone, the sound of the Clip completely cuts out.  No sound is heard at all.


Even if I just barely touch the metal of the car charger’s USB plug to the Clip’s USB port, the sound cuts out.


Would a ground loop isolator correct this problem? The reviews I have read of these all say that they helped with engine and alternator noise, but I don’t have that.  I just have no sound at all, even though the Clip does charge and it continues to play according to the Clip’s display.


I verified that the car charger is working ok because I have a jump box with a 12VDC plug (just like in the car).  The Clip charges and plays with headphones with the Motorola car charger in this configuration just fine.


Any ideas what is wrong and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

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I didn’t have as severe a situation, but had a perpetual and annoying hum with a particular car charger; nothing that I easily could do would eliminate it.  I purchased another car charger (an inexpensive one, no less) and the issue went away.  You may want to go that route (trying another charger). 

Just to follow up on this, the ground loop isolator completely corrected the problem I was having with the sound cutting out on my Clip in the car.

The one I chose was the PAC SNI-1/3.5 RCA Noise Filter.  It goes inline with the 3.5mm Aux cable and has a female jack on one end and a male plug on the other.  It would have been cool if it had just had two male connectors, because then I could have plugged one side into the Clip and the other into the car’s aux input jack.

There was no noticeable deterioration of the sound, and now I can charge the Clip while listening to it.

Do you have any idea weather I could adapt this to an Fm transmitter ? I have no auxilary input so must use this transmitter to hear my sansa clip + and the battery life is not long. Thank you for any help !!

Not quite sure what you’re asking.  If it’s whether an FM transmitter will work with the Clip, yes.