Clip battery is LOSING POWER when using wall charger?!?


I got a wall charger for my 1GB Clip. I have always used the computer to charge it.

According to the internal battery meter found under “Settings” the battery was at 85% so I plugged it in with the wall charger to see how fast it would take to get back up to 100%.

About an hour or so later, the internal meter read 64%.

After another hour it reads 42%.

What am I doing wrong?

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It’s hard to say what’s wrong. I would say that your charger is draining the battery faster then charging. Or the charger is not charging the battery at all, just draining. Or the charger is not appropriate for the Clip. Check again the label on the charger - it should say ‘‘Output: 5V / ?mAmp’’ or similar. If you chargers output is higher then 5 volts then it could be that you’ve damaged the Clip. If the chargers mAmp rating is to small, your charger could overheat during the charging process and just burnd out.

Try again charging the Clip with computer. If the computer charges the Clip battery like it should, then something is wrong with your wall charger. But if you get the similar results with the computer as with wall charger (draining battery), then most certainly your Clip is damaged.

Post back your wall charger specifications and results.

@giltic wrote:


Post back your wall charger specifications and results.

Thanks for the help.

The Clip still charges fine when plugged into the computer.

The wall charger says:

Input - /AC 100-240V/ 50/60Hz/ 3W

Output DC 5.2V/ 400MA-500mA

What do you think?

Well, the specs sound right. Maybe you just got a bad charger?

@tapeworm wrote:
Well, the specs sound right. Maybe you just got a bad charger?

Would any of the settings in the “Settings” mode effect the battery charging or not charging using an AC wall charger as opposed to using the computer to charge the clip?

It is possible that you have a bad charger. The other thing I can think of…some chargers (Chinese cheap) are weaker then the label says so in that case, when you hook it to Clip the voltage drops because of the load - it could be that the voltage is lower then it suppose to be to charge the Clip.

Not to dump on the Chinese, but it does seem that every recall of a product or poisoned food item lately comes from China. And of course, our beloved Sansas also were made there. There was a link to a news story in the UK here several months ago about a Chinese-made AC charger that had the CE safety listing on it, but had NOT gone through the testing and was NOT approved. Nevertheless, they were being sold (illegally). There was even a young boy who died due to one!

Chargers are pretty cheap (Chinese-made or not) so I certainly would at least try another one. If the new one charges your Clip properly, I’d return the first one, if possible.

I didn’t want to say that every product from China is bad; after all, most of my hard tools are ‘made in China’ and working good. Not to mention all the other ‘every day’ electronics.

But there is big variation in quality with Chinese products; 1000 products are good, the other 1000 are not so good.

My first USB charger was a “generic-y” charger out of China (although it had a U.S. brand); it buzzed when charging and went back.  2 following chargers were from 2 U.S. companies with established names in the consumer electronics industry, and worked fine.  I felt more comfortable with them and their not blowing my Clip out.

@giltic wrote:

. . . Chinese products; 1000 products are good, the other 1000 are not so good.


Which category would their ‘Thousand Year-Old Eggs’ be in then? :smileyvery-happy:

:smileyvery-happy: … nice one Tapeworm

What I ment was that I have personal experiences (from our company we have in China) - same product from the same product line from the same factory - first shipment is good, the other shipmentis not so good. On the other words, they seems to have hard time to maintain qualit. (Did I use right words?)

Yep, understood.  That’s when I think a U.S. (or EU) company established brand helps, as they have to be concerned about the brand reputation.