Clip 8GB does not organize music files

I have several ripped CDs that I want to put on my 8G Clip.  The songs were ripped as MP3s using Sound Juicer.  After copying to the Clip Music directory and unmounting, the Clip says Refreshing Database as expected, but there is no organization to the music - no album names, no artist names - all the tracks are in the Unknown group.  Using the program EasyTag I can see the artist and album tags on the ripped mp3 files when I mount the Clip.

Firmware on the Clip is V02.0116A

I have tried everything I know - any suggestions?

Many thanks.

The tags may not be written in the format preferred by Sansa players. They should be ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1 (other formats can cause all sorts of weird behavior). I don’t know if they can be saved in that format with EasyTag, but it’s simple to do with MP3Tag.

The tags were reported as id3v2.4 and using UTF coding.  I changed to id3v2.3 and 8859-1 - and it works!

Thank you!  I was getting frustrated with this, as this all worked before with an older CentOS install.  I am currently using a new install of Ubuntu - clearly with a little too modern setup for the tags.