Charging dock for Sansa Zip Clip?

I want to use one of my Sansa Zip Clips as a component of my home stereo.  Is there a product which will hold the Zip Clip, charge it and at the same time allow it to play music into the stereo system?  

As the Clip Zip uses only a micro-USB connetor plug, there is no dock possible/available. You can however use it via a specialized connector cable to your stereo’s AUX IN port to play it through your stereo’s speakers. It will not charge though.

Thanks.  At this time, I charge the Zip Clip with a standard USB charger while playing it in shuffle mode into my stereo via a mini-plug to RCA plug adapter cable.  Works well and the Zip Clip charges while the music is playing, but it looks a little messy.  A docking station would be more pleasing to the eye.

I agree–I’ve always wanted a dock for this little creature, making it into a mini-stereo-of-sorts.  And I bet that SanDisk could have made a nice penny from such an add-on–an opportunity lost.