Charge The battery And not Work

One Big limitación Than I note, is when you charge your flash drive, you can’t use it. When you see The movie And The battery out, you can not see The rest of The movie, you have to wait to charge. At least 2 hours. Big mistake. Any suggesttion?

you can use a USB AC charger and the WiFi will still work. WiFi is only disabled if the WFD is mounted as a MSC device. 

Do not Work in my case. I don’t know what happen.

Can you explain me more please. MSC device?.

To use it via WiFi while connected to an AC charger the WFD will ahve to be on (blue light flashing) when it is plugged into the AC charger. it will begin charging and WiFi will not be shut off.

An MSC device is a (Mass Storage Class) device. When the WFD is connected to a computer for example (or any host that support a MSC device) and it makes a data connection the WiFi radios are disabled. This is due to hardware limitations regarding access to the storage. If it is mounted as a MSC device with an active data connection the WiFi radios do not ahve access to the storage.