charge problem ,battery info problem,language problem,unreadable codes

I’m using clip zip.

charge problem:

I’m using my cell phone usb charger(5v 700mA) and PC usb to charge my clip zip.

If I power off my clip zip,charging speed is slow,after more than 3 hours it get to 60% and max to 88%;

If my clip zip is on,charge is normal.

battery info problem:

I’m using windows 7 x86,If the battery is 100%,I will see 98% on my PC,sometimes is 0%,but I’m sure my battery is more than 98%,and I will never see 100% on my PC.

 language problem:

Choose Chinese S,press power button to lock keys,and you’ll see the “click power button to unlock” message is still in English.

unreadable codes or wrong character:

If I’m using language=English,some characters except English which is not using UTF-8 will be unreadable codes,if I turn the language to Chinese,the Chinese characters will turn to normal.


Thank you for reading this,I hope you can understand this with my poor English :slight_smile:


great, no sandisk guru say something about this.

Please look into the link as reference :-

Thank you for your reply,I already read this before post,I checked everything but this problem is still exist.