my Clip Zip cannot charge

First I’m sorry for my English language skill.

My Sansa Clip Zip is 3 months old.

Now when I Charge it both Computer or USB AC adaptor.

It’s very very hot and when unplug it shown 11% 22% 33% 44% 55% 66% 77% or 88% batterry level.

And it can use about 3 songs (10 - 15 minutes) to empty battery.


if 5 minutes shown 33% when unplug and empty in 20 seconds

if 30 minuts shown 66% when unplug and empty in 15 minutes

if 1 hours shown 88% when unplug and empty in 15 minutes

if 5 hours shown 88% when unplug and empty in 15 minutes same

How can I fix it? I cannot claim it to Sandisk.

I’m in Thai but it’s gift from my bro in United State.

Thank You for help.

Now I change firmware 01.01.18 to 01.01.20

It’s still same ploblem.

I think your player has a hardware problem, either with the battery or the charging circuit. It should NOT be getting hot.

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this. It will have to be replaced. If you can send it back to your ‘bro’ in the States, maybe he can get a warranty replacement from SanDisk and send it back to you.

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While a player may warm up a bit from charging, it should not be getting hot.  It sounds as if there might be a hardware issue in the charging circuitry, unfortunately.  

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I think it’s hardware ploblem in charging circuit same.
I will send it back to the States to get warranty.

Thank you for help again.