Clip Zip does not charge past 77% when turned off

Hi, my Clip Zip automatically turns itself on when I connect it for charging to my USB charger. If I leave it turned on it will correctly charge to 100%. However, if during the charging I turn the Clip Zip off, or it is automatically turned off by the sleep timer, then the Clip Zip does not charge past 77%. And when I unplug the cable it says 66% charged in the info. If I connect the Clip Zip to my computer with MTP it says about 70% charged in the properties. Is this a sign of a defect in the Clip Zip? Should I return my Clip Zip?

You might try manually reapplying the latest firmware for the player (easy to do), in case there is a firmware glitch.  See the firmware sticky thread above, at the top of the forum.  

I have manually reapplied the latest firmware for the Clip Zip. It did not fix the problem. What now?

Try a different USB charger or use your computer for charging.

Also, it is a known issue that the battery percentage shown under Properties in Windows when using MTP mode is totally inaccurate and has been an issue since Windows 7 was introduced. Microsoft never fixed it, so don’t rely on that. Instead, you can trust the battery level indicated by the player itself under Info.

Using my computer for charging does charge the Clip Zip to 100%, but I think that is the case because the Clip Zip is turned on when it is connected to my computer, and it cannot be turned off.

I used my USB charger for charging my apple ipod nano 4th generation before it was stolen, and it always charged it to 100%. So it is hard for me to believe that the USB charger would be the problem. Also, the USB charger correctly charges the unit to 100% if the Clip Zip is turned on.

Furthermore, I know I’m not the only one with this problem. In a forum, I found a user complaining that his Clip Zip did not charge past 77%. Then another user suggested that he should turn the unit on and pause the music while charging. Then the user said that that indeed fixed his problem. A third user however said that this was not necessary with his Clip Zip and that they should return their Clip Zips to the manufacturer or shop.

I am hesitant to return my Clip Zip, because aside from this charging issue it is working perfectly. If however, this charging issue is indicative that I have a defective unit, then I feel like I have to return my Clip Zip. Who knows what trouble a defective unit might bring in the future?

Manually reapplying the latest firmware caused a problem: my boot up time went from under 10 secs to 28 or even 44 seconds. The shutdown time of the Clip Zip also increased from under 10 secs to around 30 seconds.

I tried to solve this by manually reapplying the latest firmware a second time. This did not improve matters, only slightly worsened them.

Then I chose to backup all music on the device and then format the device from the settings menu. After the format, boot time was 8 seconds and shutdown time was 8 seconds too. Then I put back all my music on the device. Boot time stayed at 8 seconds, shutdown time stayed at 8 seconds too. I’m glad the reformat did the trick.

It seems that manually reapplying firmware is a dangerous process which can significantly increase boot up and shutdown times. It is very time consuming having to backup all music, reformat, and put back all music on the device.

Haven’t heard of this issue before and have never faced it, personally.