Charge a Sansa Fuze in South Africa - Dual Voltage?

Greetings…I will be travelling from U.S. to South Africa and have several electrical questions about charging my Sansa Fuze while there.  Not sure of my model, but bought it in 2008 and it’s a 4G Version V01.011A if that helps.  Here is me question:

I know I need an adapter, but will I also need a converter to be able to charge this player?

Is this player dual voltage and does that have any impact on any “plugs” I need to purchase or does that matter?    I have a NEXXTECH charger and can’t find any info on whether or not it’s dual voltage.

Thanks very much for your help!

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My Fuze came with a USB cord… which can charge the unit as well.

All USB ports supply 5 volts DC, so if you have a computer, you should be all set.


Ah yes, but I am NOT taking a computer, hence the dilemma.  And if I were, that would create a new set of problems as lots of the converters I’ve looked at say NOT to use with computers?

Thanks for the reply.

When traveling to other countries around the world, it’s adviseable to take a good converter kit with several adapters. Types of electrical services not only vary from country to country, but sometimes within the same geograpical area.  As a general rule don’t leave home without one.