CF card ejects immediatly after insertation. pretty weird

I have important pictures stored in a seperate foler in my sandisk cf card. and when i use a card reader to access them, it does an unsafe ejection pretty much immediatly after connecting the card to the computer (have tried both mac and pc). and so i dont have time to take the files off the card. i have tried other card readers and i have the same problem, but i dont think the card is broken because my 5dmk2 still uses it fine, i can take new photos on it and get them off the card, but not the files i need,

ive never had any problem like this, it seems really strange.

any ideas?

if the card is working ok in the camera do you ahve a USB cable to connect the camera to the computer and use it as a reader?

you should make sure your readers do not ahve any bent pins in them as well.