Certain songs won't list in order

I’m having a problem with my Clip Jam where I’m trying to load some episodic mp3’s I’ve downloaded onto it, clearly labelled (insert title) 1, then 2, then 3, 4, etc. But for some reason it won’t list them in the right order and instead keeps jumbling them around.

Some times I’ll get 1,2,4,3, then I’ll get 1,4,2,3, and then at times I’ll get it actually right, but after adding a new song then it becomes 4,1,3,2 and so on and so on!

How can I fix it WITHOUT having to download complicated programs I don’t know how to operate or over-elaborate multi-step processes that involve going through 20+ different folders, coding, binary, etc. that take forever?

I’m sorry, but I’m tired of seeing those everywhere, I just want it done quick and easy, and those are NEVER easy, no matter how simple people say they are.

If no other option is available and the complicated proccess/program is the only one that works, please upload the TLDR version of the instructions. I have short levels of patience for those things.

Thank you.


You could try 2-digit prefixes in your audio titles in the ID3 tags.

    Examples:  01 Title       02 Title


You could try 2-digit prefixes in the filenames

   Examples:  01 Title       02 Title

     (the player will display these in order as long as you load the player with all the related files at once)

     (if the files are not displayed in order try the program described at this weblink)