Center Button shuts off the player

Does anyone else have the problem in which the center button shuts off the player when pressing it on “Back to Music List”

Also does anyone elses Firmware Updater just idle when “updating?”

What do you recommend?

For the firmware, you can always just try the stickied thread with the link to the manual firmware update.

I can’t really think of any reason for your main issue but I’d try a firmware first.

I got my Sansa Express for christmas and 2 days later it started acting up. Sometimes when I turn it on it doesnt do anything and sometimes when I plug it in to my computer it doesnt detect it. My computer is capable of running this little piece of plastic. My Sansa also turns off when I push the Middle button (I think its the select button) also ive notice sometimes I push the back button or down button and it turns off. I’ve also observed it for a while and messed with my mp3 player and noticed that if I push the right side of my sansa down where you plug in the headphone jack side it will turn off so Its not only the buttons… Does anyone else have this problem? If so could you help me out I need this dang Mp3 player working before school starts up again. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Sounds like a bad button; it’s probably not mounted right internally or something.  I’d take it back to the store.  If you can’t do that, give SanDisk a call.