Case, screen protector, and BELT CLIP for e200's?

I’m the proud new owner of an e270–Rockboxed and ready to go!  :smileyvery-happy:   I’ve been poking around for awhile now (Amazon, etc) and see a lot of cases with armbands or belt loops (you know, slots to run a belt through) – but I want a belt clip.  (So I can unclip it from my belt to search for tracks, etc…)

Any suggestions?  Some screen protection would be a bonus, too…   Thanks in advance…!

How 'bout this clear plastic one?

Or this leather flip-case?

Of course you could always get a small digital camera case with a belt loop and just take it out when you want to adjust volume or change tracks, etc. This could hold your earphones and extra memory cards too when not using them. :smiley: