Car stereo is not picking up my music files....

Just bought this Sandisk 36g flash, loaded it up, put it in my stereo…Says “No music”. Try to open my mp3’s from the vault, and it says It will open as read only and to move the file out of the vault to edit, change it, and then move it back…I dont get it…:neutral_face:

Alright, Well, I figured that out…Deleted everything and added my mp3’s without the secure program…BUT, now my car stereo is only reading a part of the card…All the files are the same (MPEG 3 Layer Audio) It’s reading from my library A - D and nothing more…Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? I’m simply wanting to plug the thing in my car and listen to my tunes…this is aggravating…:angry:

Why not just use an SDHC memory card and a card reader? Smaller, more compact, easier to use, and according to what I read here much more reliable and dependable than flash drives.