Car stereo doesn't detect usb stick

Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone could be of any help.

I’ve recently bought a 64gb SanDisk Wireless Stick and everything seems to work fine however when I plug it into my car’s usb port (which works with ordinary usb sticks) to play music, the car doesn’t detect the wireless stick. The orange light comes on the stick indicating that it’s being charged but the usb option on my car doesnt come up like it would with an ordinary usb stick.
I have formatted it exfat and fat32 but no luck. My Mac and Windows PC detects the wireless stick with both formats but the cars stereo just doesn’t.

Can anyone think of a reason why this might be happening?


Normally, car stereo head units need the USB connection (flash drive, memory card, etc.) to be formatted to FAT32. I don’t know why it won’t work in your car. Maybe it’s the wireless aspect. If it works with ordinary flash drives, I’d just use one of those.

Thanks for your reply. Strange really why it doesn’t work I’ve been fiddling about with it for a week now but no luck. I guess I’ll stick to an ordinary usb stick.