Can't scroll down.

As of today (about two weeks of ownership,) I cannot scroll down in my song list.  I can scroll up and select songs, if I want to go down I have to loop over the top.  The down button does nothing  I am on FW 1.17, the latest.  

sounds like the button may be broken. Do you feel a sight click feeling when pressing the button? if not it is likely broken. either way this would not be firmware related so I would recommend contacting sandisk support or exchanging it with the place of purchase if possible. 

In case it’s a firmware glitch, you also might try manually reapplying the latest firmware.

Thanks, re-applying the firmware didn’t help.  The button clicks just fine; it just doesn’t do anything on any screen.

Time for a return/warranty replacement?

When i open My MP3 Sandisk Clip Sport Go I am stuck At the home screen i cant even scroll to song app or the setting one