Can't play this file in SanDisk Ultra UHS-I 128 GB MicroSDXC Class 10 120 MB/s

I’m having trouble writing video files (MKV, MP4, etc.) to the external micro SD XC card that I’m using with my SanDisk media drive. The first few files that I write onto the SD card transfer and play fine on the media drive and my PC (I’m using VLC). After about 10GB or so of data has been transferred to the card, the files copy over, but they won’t play. VLC tells me that it does not support the video format “undf”.

I’m using a SanDisk 128GB micro SD XC card spec’ed to 30MB/s (formatted as exFAT)

I have purchased from Flip kart

What to do, Can I get refund?

Did you transfer all the files at once? Maybe that is too much and it is better to only transfer a few first and then in small steps the rest?

Do all the files have the same video format? Maybe certain ones have a different file format and that’s why it wont play. And if its the same format maybe try to convert it into another format.

If all of that doe not work maybe go back to the store where you bought the San Disk and ask them what could be the problem and if they can’t help you can try and get a refund.