Cant get Firmware Updater to work

Can’t get the **bleep** thing to work. When I am in MTP mode it doesn’t update and if I try and check for an update now, it tells me that I can’t update in MTP mode to unplug and switch to MSC mode. When I unplug and switch to MSC mode, I have no way to update since the updater icon disappears from my system tray.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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Try uninstalling, and then reinstalling Sansa Firmware Updater, it can be found here

Yeah, I uninstalled and reinstalled 2 times, same results, … no updates.


After installing the updater, every time I plug my device in, a folder view of my c240 file system pops up and then I receive the following error message:

“Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf9c 75b6bf9c 75b6bf9c”

I get options to “Cancel”, “Try Again”, “Continue”.

If I choose “Cancel” then nothing happens.
If I choose “Try Again” the message just keeps popping up, as many times as I push the button.
If I choose “Continue” the message pops up another 3-4 times and then nothing happens.

Initially when I received this I thought it was just trying to access the empty micro SD card slot on the player, so I pulled a micro SD card from my phone and slapped it in my player. However, I received the same results.

It sounds to me that the updater is a complete piece of junk.

Have you tried the device on another PC?

Yes, I’ve tried the updater program on 2 other XP Pro systems with the same results. Actually, on the last system I tried it on (my laptop) I inserted the micro SD card prior to connecting my player and although I did not get the error I described in my prior post, the updater program did nothing. Also, I noticed that after installing the updater program and connecting my player, my system did not even recognize the player and the player indicated that is was not connected.

Afterwards, I unplugged my player and then re-connected it, my system recognized it that time and every time afterwards. However, even though I could see the updater service running, … nothing was ever updated or was even attempted to be updated.

Really odd you seem to get the issue so commonly on the systems you try. I only say that becuase I have ran it myself on quite a few computers with errors happening only once in a blue moon.

If need be you can contact SanDisk at 866.SanDisk and have them e-mail you the latest firmware for the c200. What firmware is the one you have on your player by the way?

Lemme first preface this by explaining why I’m trying to get the firmware updater. Every time I copy files to the player, it’s fine until I turn it off, then it loses everything that was ever on it. SO I DL’d the firmware updater after spending 30 mins with tech support. Never once worked while on the phone with Sansa. Wouldn’t ever run that we could see.

I get the exact same weird error with the firmware updater:

“Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf9c 75b6bf9c 75b6bf9c”

On two seperate machines, one a Dell laptop, the other an HP Desktop, running windows XP on both, one professional, one media edition, stupid player starts up, the PC recognizes it, I update it with music, and everything works, then I unplug the player and the songs are there. Right until I turn it off, when I turn it back on the entire player is wiped clean as a whistle, pics, songs, voice recordings, everything. I’ve tried syncing it with media player 11, files copy but won’t stick, gone as soon as you kill the power. Rhapsody won’t talk to it at all, and when in MSC mode same thing happens after dragging and dropping. Kill power, songs gone.

I’ve installed, uninstalled, reinstalled the updater about 10 times on both machines, never seen the service in the tray actually running, and my firmware has never updated. When I try running the updater from programfiles/sansa/ it tells me it has to be started from a srevice.

I’m not a cretin, and this player has cost me more in troubleshooting than it’s worth at this point.

Dump it for a new one? Thoughts?

OK, well I don’t know if this fixed it or not, but while connected in MSC mode, I started dorkign with the files, and the directories in there, I mean the whole thing was empty so what the heck, I dropped a file in all the directories I could find, including a “tmp” dir, then unhooked it. Turned it off and back on and behold. files were still there. wild. So then I connected it to my laptop, and viola, all of a sudden the firmware update kicked off.

NO IDEA what caused it to work unless by me stashing all those files in all those directories caused it to wake up, Oh after I connected it a second time there were some new “version” information files all of a sudden, I should say that I copied the files onto it from my desktop, but the firmware update wasn’t recobnized until I hooked it to my laptop.

Let’s see how long til the next barf fest it pulls.


I’d just call to get it replaced. Shouldnt take more then 5 minutes to convince with a story like that.


OK, a couple of comments when you have firmware revision 01.00.00A

  1. That weird error popup happens because the microSD card slot is empty. I no longer received the error when I placed the microSD card from my phone in the player.
  2. The update program will NOT work until you pull out the battery out of the player, wait about 20-30 seconds, and then replace it. Afterwards when you connect to your computer you will notice 2 new files (version.sdk & VERSION.TXT). Not sure what they are but the update kicked off afterwards and upgraded me to firmware revision 01.01.00P. What a difference that version seems to make.

Thanks for all the info and suggestions. I guess that firmware revision 01.00.00A was simply not ready for “prime time”.