Can't finish album after switching to radio

I have not seen a comment on this topic and am kind of wondering if this was intentional or merely overlooked. So I’m listening to an album in music mode. I want to quickly turn on the radio to hear the sports scores and after a few minutes return to what I was listening to. Impossible! Sure, it asks me, “Do I want to continue?” I click “yes” and the song I was listening to continues. Cool! But that’s it. Then it plays the last ten songs I heard. I don’t get it. I like variety. But those ten songs are at the bottom of my list at that moment. So this is the big new feature of the Fuze+. I’d never use it. Nevertheless, even if some people do use this feature, add it on. Don’t substitute it for the ability to finish an album. Completely ridiculous. This is just one of a multitude of things that I could do with the old Fuze but can’t on the new one. For instance, it now takes me ten times as long to change the equalizer while listening to music. And what happened to the next song feature? Operating it in my pocket like I did with the old Fuze? **bleep** near impossible. At the same time, I have to be so so careful when holding or touching it because I have to assume at all times that it has unlocked itself, because it probably has. Unfortunately, I feel I am the victim of false advertising. The Clip+ did everything the old Clip did and it added the microsd slot. I figured it would be similar with the Fuze+. It’s not. The old Fuze was a much more versatile device. So, why am I still using this thing? Well— it sounds fantastic! I love the power it has. But the software? Total BS.

the lock feature was changed in the latest firmware. it is moved to the top power button which keeps it from unlocking in your pocket. the firmware is posted at the top of this board.

as for resuming the album. after listening to the radio are you going back to the main menu and pressing the play button on the song that is showing in the main level music menu? if so this is a 10 most recently played list. if you notice you can scroll up and down and it will show the last 10 played songs. if you want to resume album playback then instead of pressing the play button go back to music and press the center select button. that will dive into the music menu and it will remember where you were. once you select the song again it will ask if you want to resume and it will continue playing the album. 

basically it will resume what ever list you are in. just think of the album artwork you can see from the main menu level as your 10 most recent played list. 

Ok. It does work, but what a hassle.  It just takes me to the name of the band that was playing. So I have to remember the name of the album if there’s more than one by thatb band, find it, open it, and scroll for the song that was playing. I have a lot of one band on my player. If I can’t remember which album I was playing or don’t recognize the album cover, I can’t resume it.  Even if I know what to do, it still takes forever because it keeps going down paths I don’t want. Why not a simple, “RESUME PLAYBACK”?  So here’s the question. Why not make finishing the album the default position and make whoever wants to hear the last 10 songs scroll around?

Let’s face it, the resume after playing the radio or making a recording was a cool feature in the earlier devices.  I’d love to have it on the Fuze+ platform.

As you’ve found, the confusion centers on the new interface’s “10 last” screen.  This is a handy feature if you work with it a little (starting from this list, if you press “play”, note that the total number of songs is 10).  The alternative involves more taps, as drlucky points out.

After a few tries, I can navigate back after starting the radio.  It’s a little “tap dance” sequence, but you do end up at the correct song!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Why can’t the device remember where you are in lists as well?

Fuze had it. I go to Music and select an Artist but don’t go into it, then I swipe accross accidentally to albums, when I go back to Artists it’s at the top of the bloody list again. Especially annoying when you have a lot of music and the artist name starts with Z.