Can't find albums on SD card

Just got a 16GB SD card (SanDisk) for my Fuze 8GB. Synced a bunch of albums (over 13GB) using Windows Media player. Some random albums are visible on the SD card when viewed through WM, but when disconnected they can’t be found on the Fuze, by album, artist, genre, nothing. Tried re-syncing, WM says they’re already present on player. Deleted one, synced to the internal memory, and it shows up. All files are mp3, all appear to have good tags as there is album art and titles. Help!


That’s a lot of GB. There’s an 8000-song limit to the database–possibly lower if you have a lot of nested subfolders.

Just over 5,000 songs in total in the internal and SD memory, so I don’t think that would be the issue. But thanks B-R.

Check the tags of the missing albums again with mp3tag (from ).

Fuze won’t read ID3v1 tags, and it’s happiest with ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. Set that as default in mp3tag’s Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg, open a missing album, highlight and Save the tags, and see if it shows up. Best would be to take the existing album off the Fuze, retag it and send it back over, although that is going to be a long Refresh Database. I don’t know if it will refresh just from changing the tags.

Also, another poster who was just dumping every song into Music discovered that there’s some unknown maximum of entries within one folder, so it was better to have separate folders for each album. I don’t know if that’s your situation, but it’s a thought.