Can't copy music to 16gb SD

I have recently bought a 16gb micro SD card as I had filled the 8gb. I copies the files from the 8gb to my computer, and removed the 8gb from the fuse.

When when I inserted the 16gb and try to copy the music files, they take up space on the card, but the individual folders show as empty.

I have tried formatting the new card, restoring defaults and checked the settings between the two, but still have no luck

Can anyone offer any advice / solutions?


Are you saying the individual folders show up empty on the computer, or on the Fuze display?

If it’s the computer, try changing the USB mode. Settings/System Settings/USB Mode. It should be either MTP or MSC, not Auto Detect.  Your computer can only see one mode at a time.

Try formatting the card again in the unit itself–Settings/System Settings/Format–and put it in MSC–which makes it show up like any thumb drive. Then  try just sending over one album as a test.

If it’s the Fuze display, were these exact same files showing up properly from the 8GB card? Because usually not showing up, but taking space, means the tags aren’t being read by the Fuze, but that doesn’t make sense if it could read them before.

You can also test the card itself with H2testw, a program to see if it’s a counterfeit or defective card:

Provide some more details. What kind of files? How exactly were you moving the files (via Windows Explorer, through Windows Media Player, etc.) Are there a lot of files under Artist/Unknown, or Album/Unknown? That would suggest tag problems. 

Thanks for your reply

To answer your questions-

I am transferring MP3 files in Windows Vista using copy & paste from one folder to another - the files copy across but after the fuze has refreshed, the individual folders show on the computer as empty.( Must admit, haven’t looked for them on the fuze itself ) All of the files have title and artist info.

As far as I can remember, the files were originally stored on the 8gb when the fuze was in MSC, and I formatted the card before trying to copy to it, so unless changing the card also changes the USB mode,I don’t see how this could change.

Will try formatitng the card via the fuze, rather than the computer.

Any other suggestions appreciated.

Going to defaults  can reset the mode.Before you Format or start  moving things around, see if the files appear on the Fuze.

The Fuze itself will show files transferred via both modes.