cannot sync playlist from WMP 12

Windows 7 Prof 32 bit

WMP 12

Music on Internal ‘D’ drive in PC

Music on External ‘M’ drive

Playlists were created in WMP and are sitting on ‘D’

Sansa Clip

since I have so much music (mostly late night talk radio show) I have been moving the MP3 files to an External 500GB hard drive to make room on my PCs internal hard drive. I take the 4 separate MP3 files (4 files per show) and create a Playlist in WMP12 (extension .wmp)

I can (and have always been able to) sync these playlists to my Sansa Clip. However, I cannot sync any playlists IF the MP3s have been moved to the External drive. I get an error (red x beside the individual MP3 files).

I can PLAY the MP3s in WMP 12 that are on the external hard drive by either right-clicking on the indidvidual MP3 file and choosing PLAY, or through WMP by choosing the Playlist itself. Playlist on ‘D’, Music on ‘M’ - I can listen.

But this is not good IF I can’t sync to my Sansa Clip anymore. I found one old thread were the OP had a problem like I’m having, but the only answer was to change the playlist file to a M3U extension playlist. And I have no idea if that worked or even HOW to do that.

Please help.



WMP doesn’t like external drives. It thinks you are trying to make copies and give them to friends. 

You may have to sync the files  to the Clip while they are on the computer,  and then move them to the hard drive for storage. 

WMP saves playlists as its own proprietary .wpl files. You can also save them as .m3u files with directions here (expand “To create a regular playlist”)

You could also try Winamp,, which will also make playlists for the Clip. Winamp makes m3u playlists. 

I don’t use playlists, so I can’t give you much help. WMP help and Winamp help should have more detailed playlist instructions. 

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Thanks Black-Rectange. The directions on how to save the playlists as .m3u and not .wpl (error in original I called them .wmp) files works for me. And my Clip has no problem reading the .m3u files.

Again, thanks a bunch