Cannot connect to internet

My drive does not find signals nor does it allow me to enter a hidden connection.  I get an error when I try to save the information on a hidden connection.

currently only SSID that is being brodcast is supported. 

I have a similar issue. i am not able to use internet while connected to sandisk connect. i tried it with open broadcasting and broadcasting wap2-psk networks also.

i tried all the steps as described, i even tried the settings with different wireless networks and different android devices but failed.most of the times either the disk does not reconise wifi network and on one or two occassions when it did recognise a network it failed to save it as preffered network.

i have tried factory resettting, firware flashing and every other possible means including trying to connect to various security wifi networks including open security also but nothing works.

i need some urgent help as i cannot survive without being connected to internet because of job issues.


Same Here, Cannot connect to the Internet. When I scan for the SSID nothing shows.

When I try to Add a SSID via the Hidden Network option I get the below error message.

There was an error saving the new Preferred Network. Try again later.

Urgent Help required.

Thanks and Regards,