Can we set pictures as the backround instead of a color??

I would much rather see a picture of my dog than the limited variety of colors!! Also maybe in the next firmware update we could have  more things to do on our fuze like a calculator,calender,pdf viewer and some simple stuff like that!! Now I realize it wouldn’t be easy to view pdfs but it could make it our selected text size and we would just scroll down a long column!! Since we are talking about updates,why can’t we watch itunes videos?? It says that we can convert mp4s but it won’t let me!! Hope you like these ideas,if you have any more post them in the comments!!

Don’t hold your breath waiting for an update. It looks like SanDisk has moved on to the Fuze +.

For more customizability, try Rockbox

For video conversion, try  Video4Fuze

For iTunes videos, you could also  get a  doPi player

But for PDF files, etc., do remember that  your Fuze does not have the processing power of a full-sized computer or even a smartphone. It’s a music player. If you get really big pockets, you could carry your laptop in them.

I was thiknig about rockbox but then I heard that it might brick your fuze!! Also can we make pcitures our backround with rockbox??