Fuze Software Development Questions


Knowing full well that my newly purchased Fuze was not sold to me with this in mind, I ask the following in pure speculation…

  1. Is there any software development tools that us programmers can obtain to add additional features to the fuze product?  There are a few features that I’d like to add to my device and believe there is enough memory and functionality  in my 4g device to support it.
  2. (If the answer is “no” to question 1) Is it probable that future firmware upgrades will include a text file visual reader?  If this feature were available, users could load and read txt files on this device – think text books/articles and notes!
  3. (If the answer is “no” to question 1) Is it possible to create a text to speech feature for those files dreamed of in question 2?  Imagine the ability to hear your text files read to you!

I can see these features being useful to users using other scandisk devices.

Thoughts? feedback?  retorting diatribes are welcome!



The coolest thing for programming is Rockbox , an open-source project, that allows the programmer to have a go at optional features.  The Rockbox port for the Sansa Fuze has been quite successful.

Rockbox is a separate firmware that resides alongside, but doesn’t completely replace, the original firmware.  The Fuze can be set up as a dual-boot device.

Check out Rockbox.org for details; the fuze is a stable port currently.  For the programmer, the user guide is at least 150 pages if I recall.  There is a text reader function too, as well as plenty of customizable functions. The Fuze’s screen is small, so choosing a decent font is important.  Using a green monochrome on black is sharp, reminds me of using CP/M and the Z-80.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I believe this is what I’m looking for.  Thanks NB!

Looks like I’m going to have a lot of fun during Xmas break.

@coachn wrote:

I believe this is what I’m looking for.  Thanks NB!


Looks like I’m going to have a lot of fun during Xmas break.



Rockbox is just plain awesome…really frees up the Fuze (and Clip+). I’ve been using it for months now, and have no plans on going back. :smileyvery-happy:

Several people have worked on adding text to speech synthesizers to rockbox:


Unfortunately, theres not really any good embedded programs out there, so most of them have eventually gotten stuck with either optimizations or fitting into the limited memory available on small portable devices.  Of course with more work this is certainly possible to overcome.  

WOW!  I’m overwhelmed by what rockbox has already developed and currently offers. 

I see that they have another feature that I like a lot - variable speed playback without change in pitch - way cool!

Thanks again.  I’ll continue to keep tabs on the rockbox developments.