Can I Sync a Playlist with Winamp?

Can I sync a playlist to my M250 with Winamp?

I am able to do so with WMP 11. I tried with Winamp
but I only see the songs not the Playlist itself under
Playlists of the M250. Is this because Winamp does
not save the playlist in the same file format? Or am
I missing something?

Does anyone have experience with Winamp or can you tell
me if only WMP will snych a playlist to the M250?
See my post above.

I could not do it via “synch”.  but this is how it did work flawless on M240.

You need to add a plugin referenced here

I used these instructions and sent it to the MUSIC folder (check the playlist box too).  All you need to do is rename and move the playlist to the root menu. 

I do not know anything about these players and winamp but it did work well for me in ways I understand.

good luck.

Thanks. I’m not sure if that thread is still there?
I’ll look this over. Any more advice is welcome :robottongue:

OK, I have the plugin now. What do you mean rename and move to the
root menu? Is there a particular playlist file format?

Well, I found out how to tranfer a playlist and all it’s files
to my M250. I did not use the plugin. I found that I had
to import a playlist to the Winamp media library. Once
I had it there under Playlists I simply right clicked on
the Playlist name I wanted. Then use the drop down
menu to send to the Sansa M250. It works. Playlist
 file name appears under Playlist on my M250.

Thank you pdukey! Without having tried to use the
plugin I would not have taken a second look :manvery-happy:

Now I may try to see how you did it. I was not able to use
the plugin’s copy playlist function to copy to the M250.
It would not detect the M250 while in MTP mode as
it does not see as a device with removal storage. I’m
curious pdukey how you did it? Well, I’ll try some things
to see if I can do it for the hell of it.

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I figured out how to do it with the plugin now. It’s a round about way
in which you have to rename the playlist once it’s on the M250.
The easiest way is to simply import the playlist to the Winamp
Media Library. Then right click it and send it to the M250.
No renaming required.

I did find out how to use the plugin to copy a playlist and it’s files
from my M250 to my computer.

So cool trip all around :wink:

I just found something. I don’t think the round about method is very
good. It will put the playlist on the player but it will not show up
in Winamp Media Library under Portables. The playlist will not
show up as it does not leave the .pla file in the Playlist
folder on the M250. So I would recommend using the easy
method that I went through in an above post. :robottongue:

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