Bluetooths Headphones for the fuze?

Somebody here  is using bluetooth headphones with his Fuze ?

Thanks for the asnwers !


Not possible that I know of.

the fuze doesnt support bluetooth.  my wife just replaced her insigina sport for the fuze but, is lamenting not being able to use her bluetooth

headphones.  I did some searching and came up with

Sony Bluetooth Transmitter and Adapter for iPod and MP3 Players

IOGear Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter (GBMA211)

appeared to have good reviews. 

the following had an overwhelming colliction of devices and information.

we put the search on hold, so good luck. 

You would need a transmitter for the bluetooth. I have seen smaller bluetooth transmitters that hook to a headphone jack and you can use the headphones with that, a friend had a similar setup for his laptop (bluetooth transmitter that connected to a headphone jack) and he complained about the fact that If someone had a bluetooth phone it could cause some minor interference. Overall I would like to try it out on my Fuze.

hi & thanks for the asnwers

transmitter ?  you menas the little box that you have to plug ?

yeah almosts all bluetooths heasphones got those box

I called it a transmitter but there is a different name for it. But yeah its the little box you have to plug in that send the signal to your headphones

some peoples are saying no & some peoples yes…weird…lol

To run a Bluetooth wireless headset, you’ll need a “dongle” type transmitter unit that connects to the headphone jack.  This will provide the transmitter with an audio signal to broadcast.

The quality of the signal will be dependent upon several factors, all of them tradeoffs for a direct cable connection.  Bluetooth involves two more analog-to-digital, then digital-to-analog steps, one in the transmitter, then one in the headphone receiver.  The headphone receiver needs its own power for the D/A converter, digital receiver, then the audio amplifier.

You do lose the Sansa’s clean direct analog output, since you are in effect listening to a translated audio signal, but it is cool considering all of the number crunching that’s happening within devices that were unthinkable mere years ago.  We take the new technologies for granted.

With the Sansa on the desk, you can move about without having to fumble with cables or a device in your pocket, for quite some distance.  Of course, if you want to change anything other than volume, you will be required to return to your Sansa (and your boss will notice your diligence as you dash to the desk to repeat that Queensryche song you were enjoying).

Simply tell him (keep a spreadsheet on the computer screen for effect), “I just had a thought regarding those second quarter projections, and want to get it done before I lose track of my ideas!”

Then, while he nods, and tells others how marvellous you are, add some more tracks to the GoList, so you don’t have to listen to his mind-numbing drivel.

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thanks for the answer !

do you know wich ones i can use ?


ok… look like nobody knows…

if i find something i will post it

search for “Jabra A120 Bluetooth Adaptor”

here’s another one: