Bluetooth for Fuze+

Hi all:

Just out of curiosity: does Fuze+ have any Bluetooth capabilities? If not, will Sansa will contact a manufacturer to make one?



Don’t think so.

I would think if they (SanDisk) intended or were planning that, they would have already done it in the development stage long before it was released. I’m sure it would involve hardware within the unit that was not built in.

Why would you want bluetooth on an mp3 player? With players that have bluetooth, battery life is perhaps cut in half when bluetooth is used. The player would also need to be larger to accomodate the bluetooth circuitry. Sound quality with blutooth can be significantly lower than when using a corded headphone. Imo bluetooth is good for cell phones, but not for music players.


because I use my fuze at the gym and as much as I wrap the cords, I’ve destroyed 2 earphones because they snagged on equipment.

So I’d like an option to minimize the expense of replacing earphones. I’ve been luckily lately though :slight_smile:


Many people have success using a corded headphone at the gym by running the headphone cord under their shirt. If you are using a headphone with a headband, you could get a Clip+, and clip it to the headband, wrapping the excess cord around the headband. I tried this with my Clip+. It is a good way to eliminate a cord problem.


Paccing the cord under my shirt is a good idea. I’ll try it :smiley: