black screen e250

My e250 was bought new only a few years ago, less than 5 years. It was working perfectly fine until recently. Suddenly, when I turned it on, it only shows a black screen with a tiny (1 or 2 cm) long skinny horizontal line in the lower left part of the screen. I can’t even plug it in to my computer to try to fix it. What do I do?                                                    -alex96100-

I’ve had this happen rarely, but I have seen it. A reset should take care of it for you. Press and hold the power button for 20-30 secs. Release, then press it again momentarily to start it up. It should resume normally. Note that if you do this while the unit is on (and I recommend that you do), the unit will shut down after only a few seconds. Pay this no mind and continue the hold the power button for the full count to reset it. :wink:

I held the button down for 1 minute. When I do that, it will show the logo and then go to the black screen.

I found a solution. It is at this link by the user TheMarkster:

Good! Did it work?

Yes it did. My e250 is working just like before. sometimes it is a little slow, but that is okay. it never lasts more than a few seconds.