Bitlocker on SanDisk SSDs

I just bought a new SSD and asked SanDisk to support that it’s Ok to use Bitlocker encryption on SSDs. To my amazement, they said they have never tested it and they suggest that it should NOT be used. I’m amazed they’ve never tested it, and I’m amazed they’re recommending that users with SSDs should abandon use of encryption.

Does anyone have any more experience of this?

Are you sure they suggested it NOT be used or did they simply say it was not tested? 

at any rate bitlocker encryption is software encryption. The SanDisk SSD you have does not support hardware encryption so bit locker will encrypt software only. With any encryption you run the risk if there is any issue the data may not be recoverable however as far as I have seen there is no known issues with using bitlocker to encypt the drive. 

If encryption is important to you you may want to look into getting a SED enabled SSD. These SSDs support hardware encryption and bitcocker can be used to enable the hardware encryption. this is more secure that software encryption but again you run the risk that data may not be recoverable if there is some issue with the drive.