SDSSDHP256G does this have encryption like Cruzers?

Hi, I was just reading about the automatic encryption on the SanDisk Cruzers. Wondering if these SSDs can be activated with a password to make use of the full disk encryption.


All data on SSD’s is encrypted but there is no password functionality. You can use and HDD encrypting application you would like if you want password access control. 

Thanks for the quick reply but that sounds pretty dumb to me.

It is already encrypted NOW and you are then suggesting I install encryption software so I can encrypt it again? That just does not make sense.

Reading about the Cruzers they are saying that by setting up the “Security” then the password will allow access to the encrypted data.

So, if the SSD is encrypted I assume that SanDisk has the encryption keys to MY data. In the event of a failure, that makes any data recovery impossible without sending it back to SanDisk. No? OR does SanDisk hand out the encryption key on request?

It looks like I will be returning this SSD for a refund if I have no recovery control over MY data!

This is the way all modern SSD work. The encryption is done at the controller level. This can complicate data recovery in the event of certain failures yes. No sandisk nor any other ssd manufacturer I know of hands out the encryption keys. The encryption key is generated randomly by the controller. 

The issue I was trying to point out is that yes the data on the ssd in encrypted. There is no access control however so if your computer is set to have no password, encrypted or not your data is accessible by anyone with access to the computer. If you want encryption with access control you will need to set windows or bios passwords or use some other third part encryption application.