Beware of purchasing this ReadyCache product!

To potential buyers,

I have been using this “product” for over two months now on a Windows 7 64-bit system.

IMO, the people here at SanDisk support obviously do not care about supporting this product and it’s users.

The Cache fills up and renders my system unstable. The Cache also resets.

I am using the latest release of the 1.3.2 ExpressCache software. The software has not been corrected yet.

Amazingly, other people who have HP systems do not have a problem with HP’s 16 GB solution, which uses the ExpressCache software, among other vendors. If you don’t believe me, just google reviews of this product, especially comments from Amazon and Newegg.

Caveat Emptor! Wish I could say different.

Flavio :angry:

Saddest part is in the months we’ve been struggling to get this to work, our return periods have expired, and the price of ssd’s has plumeted to the point where for the 50 dollars i  spent on this, i could get a 128gb drive.  meaning this thing is now worth 13 dollars. :frowning:

Well less then that since it didn’t work, I would have been happy with a fully functional unit from day 1 of my purchase even with this loss in value if it had worked, but its been a struggle, and even if I get a return unit that somewhat works, perhaps with an artificial limit on partition size so it doesn’t reset, its just not what we paid for or were promised.

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This ReadyCache is IMO, a piece of junk.

Therefore, I have this product and my receipt.

How do I (and others) get a refund for the entire purchase price from your company?

Immediate response requested.

Flavio :angry:

@flavio wrote:



This ReadyCache is IMO, a piece of junk.


Therefore, I have this product and my receipt.


How do I (and others) get a refund for the entire purchase price from your company?


Immediate response requested.


Flavio :angry:

Please note that this is not an offical SanDisk Tech or Customer Support forum, but rather a user’s forum. If you are unhappy with a product or it does not fit your needs you’ll need to return it to the dealer from which you bought it. They are the only ones that can refund your money.


You people are SanDisk and know it. Don’t BS me - I’m not stupid! :smileyvery-happy:

Some of us cannot return it because it is beyond the return date, receipt or not.

Sandisk cannot support this product so, I want a refund for the full price of this “thing.”

I have my receipt.

Flavio :angry:

P.S. My next step is legal!

Hi flavio

               i have to admit the readycache has some problems to overcome,and if i had to be honest im not as impressed with the readycache as i initially was 

               however the new software/driver release may fix any problems ( including the ability to disable uac on start up ) and may even improve performance 

              one thing i have noticed is the use of high tech words by the sandisk staff when answering posts … i mean i know a fair amount about it and computers but words such as “accessed LBAs” are well above what i know … essentially i want a product that requires minimal set up and that i can install and let it get on with caching …

              to be honest if it wasnt such as small capacity (32gb) then i would format it and use it as a windows boot drive,however 32gb is too small especially when you take updates into the equation !

to be fair to understand some of the concepts you do need to know what those terms mean, and google/wikipedia are not hard to use these days.

That being said it should have worked from day 1, we did pay full price for these items, and basically after this long one can’t really say just wait for an update, its not really reasonable especially when the product is effectively going obsolete, and will probably be abandoned by sandisk before it ever gets fixed for many people.  Many of us have “just waited” for a fix until our return periods have long passed.

Yea to add to my troubles, my rma is delayed even longer now.  I sent it in on may 5, they got it the next day since its just miles from where I live.  Now I won’t get a return unit until the 22nd, and thats not including the long process to get to the point of shipping something back…  basically i haven’t had even a broken unit for what will be a month.

Well finally got the replacement, and oddly enough, it seems to be working now.

So far after 8 hours, no resets.

It wouldn’t detect on my raid card for whatever reason, so I’m using the on board controller which gives less benefit.

I guess my original one was physically defective, sad I lost basically half a year on that one thinking it was a software issue.


Trust me on this - read the threads - you can see it for yourself.

Legal action already started.

Flavio :frowning:

Seems that I am not the only one that has taken action.



Seems that I am not the only one who has begun legal action.

Again, please do not purchase this (soon to be extinct) product.

Flavio :angry:

Based on the published reviews I’ve read, most people who are following the basic installation guidelines, caching one windows 7 or 8 boot hard drive, are not having problems.  I’m sorry you are, but wish you had chosen to work with Sandisk / Condusive to figure out what was going wrong in your case.     At the very least this would have brought to light the specific circumstance in which this product does not currently function correctly, so that it could be added to the product description:  “Not compatible with . . .etc.” 

To be honest reviews are initial impressions, very few are long term assessments.

will probably be abandoned


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