Battery keeps draining

I have a big problem with my Sansa. The battery drains constantly. Ive just made a 100 % charge an hour ago, and now after being powered off for 1 hour the battery is un 88 %.

This Sansa is from my father, it is practically new, I remember he had problems while doing the first charge, the computer enter in hibernation mode and it wasnt a complete charge as it is recommended.

Could it have to do with this ?

I doubt that you did anything wrong. You might try manually reapplying the latest firmware for the player (it’s easy to do)–see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of this forum.

If the issue continues, it likely is a hardware issue.  As the player is new, return it to the seller for replacement, or directly to SanDisk (under the player’s warranty).  Info. to contact SanDisk:

Unfortunately warranty it is not an option since he bought it when he was in the States but we are from Argentina. I already applied the latest firmware and the problem didnt go away.

Arent any tricks that can be tried with the battery (I remember reading some years ago about cycles of full discharge and charge, but sounded like a myth really) ? What about changing the battery by myself ? Can someone get a battery for the player in some place ?


Ah, some possibilities. It may be possible that the battery actually is NOT discharging–the battery gauge on the Clip Zip is a bit unreliable and the 88% charge sounds familiar to me from posts when the player came out. So, why not try the player out and see if the battery actually has real power behind it? Try leaving the player alone for a few days–if the player’s gauge still indicates around 88% power, you likely are fine–the battery is not self-discharging over time. You also could turn the player on when you get up in the morning and see if it has power into the evening; if you get 10-12 hours from the player (and even up to the advertised 15 hours), you also are fine with the battery capacity. If there is a battery self-discharge problem, however, you likely couldn’t fix it yourself, as the discharging issue likely is in the player’s circuitry, something you wouldn’t be able to readily fix. But I’m betting on: there actually is nothing wrong with the player, apart from the wonky battery gauge.

A couple of further things, though, if things don’t work out: (1) I would try updating the firmware manually, as I mentioned previously–this could simply be a software glitch issue, that reapplying the firmware would fix (and reapplying the firmware is easy and quick to do); (2) SanDisk Customer Support/Argentina might be able to help you, even with an “international warranty issue”–they can be reached at: +54 1150314701 (not a Toll-free number, local charges may apply) - M-F | 9a.m - 6p.m - Buenos Aires & Mar del Plata (and for that matter, you could telephone SanDisk’s Customer Service in the U.S., if you have free or inexpensive international calling, to see if they might be able to help–but as I said above, my bet is, the player actually is just fine).

Now it is on 66 % and I never used it. There is something very wrong with this player. Also, Ive tried the firmware thing before writing this thread.

Im going to call to that number and see what they tell me, though I dont think the guarantee would apply here (the only brand I found that applies an internation guaranty policity with very few limits is Western Digital).

Sorry to hear this! You might give the player a few more days and see if it still is draining. And then, perhaps, test the player out, as discussed above–would be nice if it simply was the wonky battery charge guage and not the battery or battery circuitry themselves.

For what it is worth - I have a Fuze Plus that drains completely within a few days, powered Off the whole time. I think it drains faster Off than when I am using it for music.

However, my Clip Zip, and old Fuze are just fine as far as battery is concerned…

My concern here is that the circuitry is defective, causing the battery to drain.   :frowning:

@miikerman wrote:

My concern here is that the circuitry is defective, causing the battery to drain.   :frowning:

I would agree. Severe battery drain like this while powered OFF is not normal, and should be cause enough for warranty replacement (if applicable).

I’m getting the same issue. I can charge the player over night but it will only last an hour or so of playback time. I am on the latest firmware.

@creomortis wrote:

I’m getting the same issue. I can charge the player over night but it will only last an hour or so of playback time. I am on the latest firmware.

And did you try all of the above suggestions?

Charge it completely for a few hours. Let it play until it stops. Take note of how long it played. Filling the battery completely and letting it play until it stops, then charging it completely, and perhaps repeating this cycle is how the battery meter on the player gets recalibrated.