Battery Dying Prematurely

I bought a refurb Fuze on Woot a few months ago, and I’m finding that the battery is showing about 1/3 charge after only listening for about a hour and a half.  The other day, it was down to zero after about as much time (on the other hand, i listened to it for three hours yesterday and showed about 3/4 full).

I’m concerned that this thing may go belly up on me.  Does Sansa support refurbs like they do for new ones?  If so, do I have to register the device with them to get support, or can I just call?

Thanks, All!

In a word? No.

SanDisk’s warranty only covers ‘new’ products. Since they don’t do any of the re-furbishing, they cannot warranty any of those units.

Oof, that’s not welcome news…  :cry:

Thanks for the reply, Tapeworm.

Thankfully, the LiPo battery is available through Radio Shack.  If you’re handy with a soldering iron, and careful with the clamshell, the battery can be replaced.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Yeah, I’ve pulled apart a couple of these, and am not too keen on the job.  I’ll just go as long as I can, then buy a new one…