Battery Duration

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I tested this new player and my old Clip+ in same conditions and Clip Zips gets around 10hrs. of playback and Clip+ 14hrs.

Is it normal ?

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Well, that means a downgrade for me xddd.

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The larger color screen on the Zip consumes more power than the 2 color OLED screen on the Clip+.

In playback I never turn on the screen
Sadly this doesn’t matter :c

I don’t know whether you’ve heard of Rockbox (3rd-party, open-source firmware), but if you really like the Zip as a player except for the run time, you might consider installing and using it. You might get better ‘mileage’.

Hi ;D

I use it already but in same conditions Zips gets 8hrs30min and Clip+ 12hrs30min