Back button shut down

I’m having a problem with my new (about 2 months old) Clip Zip.  Sometimes when I’m playing a song and hit back to see the song menu, it shuts down the player and I can only restart it with a reset.  Then every time I hit back it will shut off until I hook it up to my computer and recharge it.  Any suggestions on how to avoid this? 

So, no one else is having this problem?  Could I get a SanDisk representative to at least comment on this problem?

This isn’t an official SanDisk Tech Support or Customer Service forum, but I would suggest given its young age, you contact SanDisk through the proper channels to see about a warranty replacement. What you are experiencing is not normal and I doubt if formatting or re-applying the firmware (the only 2 options you as a consumer have to try and fix it) will help.

But candidly, I’d try the above 2 possibilities (at least reapplying the firmware)–easy to do, and who knows, they might work.