Auto Shut off does not work

Is there a way to fix that on my e260.  I like to fall asleep with music and i hate to leave it on all night.  any info would be helpful…

thanks tapeworm for your help with all previous posts.


The e200 series has an Auto Shut-Off but not a ‘Sleep’ timer as the newer models do. This means after a user-selected time of inactivity (meaning on Pause or another mode like Record or Photos) it will shut off to conserve battery power.

If it is playing (music, FM radio or videos) however, it is ‘active’ and the auto shut-off will not engage and turn it off. Ever. The Sleep timer on the newer models will turn it off after a pre-determined time regardless of whether it’s playing or not.

That explains it. Perhaps you can just make a short playlist then, so it wold go into inactive say for an hour then auto shut off will engage.