Audiobook and Podcast problems.

So I switched to a dumbphone to curb digital addiction. I got a SanDisk Clip Sport Go for audiobooks and podcasts.

Holt **bleep** this thing is terrible. I love the design, the simplicity, the size, but the thing lumps All podcasts and audiobook files together, even if I have multiple podcast files under one single my podcast folder/

Further, it does not delete files under the podcast and audiobook section, meaning I have to manually delete episodes or audiobook files as I listen to them, else I lose my spot in the podcast list/ episode list.

How hard is it to group files together as a podcast, when you place them in the same file?

So this is weird. Its not even consistant.
Under audiobooks, I have “Audible” (and its stupid we cant delete that even when its empty)m I have “Book 1” and “Unknown Album”
Under Book1, I have the book split into the various files under the folder for the book, that is fine.

Under “unknown Album” I have my second book, split into three different files, and I have my third book.

Now, when I view the “Audiobook” File in my sandisk on my computer, all three books are in their own folders. Why is it that only Book1 got its own file?

Is there a way to designate a file on the computer so that it shows up as its own podcast or audiobook in the sandisk itself?

This should have been posted under Clip Sport Go. 
Thats what I have.

Your questions are accurate. Apple iPod products are way better at automatically organizing audiobooks and podcasts.

  The SanDisk product line is more for DIY users.

Here is one suggestion, try using Folder Mode to play your audio files from within their own folders, (This mode will not provide the “Resume” feature of Books Mode.)

Beyond that, you could read a few message topics in this Forum that involve curation of ID3 tags using external software (like mp3tag).

Here is one example from 100’s more on here.