i have a book on a cd. How do i copy it into my sansa clip?

also, what is a podcast and how do i get it on to my clip?

You need an application like MediaMonkey.

Go to menu option Tools -> Rip audio CD

Click the Settings button below “Format: MP3”  

For audio books you could use a preset like “Voice: ABR 56k mono”.

If you want stereo(assuming the audiobook really is stereo)choose “Use Manual Settings” and then ABR mode and 64 kbps which is enough for almost any audiobook(except ones with music which could benefit from higher bitrates) 

You also can use Windows Media Player to rip your CD into computer files–very simple to do.  Choose the Rip tab and follow/read the instructions there and in the Help files.  Other music “rippers” exist as well, that many prefer–I use CDex (Internet freeware), which is more complicated but which gives you more control–and once you go through it the first time and set it as you like, it’s a piece of cake.

Podcasts simply are audio files that you can play like other audio files.  The “extra” with them is that the people who make and put them out tend to do so on a regular basis (often daily or weekly), like a weekly television show; and software like Juice (Internet freeware) can retrieve them on an automatic basis over the Internet so that the podcasts are just waiting there on your computer, waiting for you to listen to them.  (For example, I have Juice check for new podcasts every night while I’m asleep.)  Podcasts can be relatively easy to produce, and so there are many of them out there, on many, many topics, and typically free.  A good place to explore podcasts is podcastalley.com  You could spend the rest of your life listening to interesting podcasts.

Hope this helps–