Audible Problems

Have the problems with long audiobooks been resoved in any way?  The Clip Sport is simply unusable for long Audible books; at 16h into Game of Thrones it takes forever to pause or play, and God forbid one should have to fast-forward or rewind it.  If there’s no fix, I’ll have to go with something else; a pity, as I’ve been using Sandisk players for years for audiobooks, and used to be very satisfied with them.  

from what i have heard the issue that causes this with long files is a hardware resource issue. basically there is not a lot of DRAM in this player so super long files will have this issue and there is nothing that can change it since it is a hardware limitation.  

Has that changed with the new model?  My old Clip Zip handles 'em with ease.  

the older models have different hardware. this is a hardware limitation.