Audible audiobook issue still persist with v1.18 firmware

I have now updated my Sport to v 1.18 firmware and the audiobook issue are still there. Simply put there is a delay between pressing play and the recording commencing. I’ve demonstrated this effect with 3 different audiobooks (all from Audible). Even more frustrating is that the delay increases the further into the audiobook. At about 1 hour in, the delay is tolerable at about 5 - 6 seconds. By 11 hours, the delay is around 30 seconds. At 19 hours (the longest audiobook I loaded onto the Sport), the delay is over 45 seconds.

I purchased the Sport specifically for audiobooks because I thought it had everything I was looking for: a larger, full color screen big enough to display both the current position in the book as well as the total book length, along with a longer battery life. The playback performance is not only unacceptable, but Sandisk should be embarrassed to have released such a shoddy device that performs worse than prior versions. Where’s the quality control? Who’s making sure that a new device works as least as well as older versions?

I really liked the Fuze, but it’s sensitivity to water damage (I went through 3 in less than 3 years) makes that model unacceptable for gym use (even with a silicon sleeve).

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Maybe that’s the problem of the Audible audiobooks. Have you tried audiobooks from other platforms like iTunes or Google. Another method is to download and convert AA/AAX to MP3 with a tool such as TunesKit Audible AA/AAX Converter. I kind of consider the format problem.