Audible book sync problem/ music subscription

I am using the sansa clip and it plays music fine, but when I download a audible book from my local library I keep getting message indicating that I need to “synchonize to continue your music subscription”

I don’t have a music subscription, I didn’t install Rhapsody on my pc. So I will get 6 parts of a book but I get to part 3 and I get this message. Anyone else have this problem or even better yet a solution??

No matter where you get the audiobook download from, make sure you transfer the book in MTP mode so the license gets transferred.  Rhapsody isn’t the only place subscriptions are used, most audiobook downloads have subscriptions too.

Based on your comment about “6 parts” I’m guessing the book is from OverDrive.  OverDrive audiobooks use their own software to transfer to the Clip.  After you click the Transfer button a window will pop up and either the 1st or 2nd screen gives you an Advanced button.  Click Advanced and change the directory Music to Audiobooks (note there is an ‘s’ making audiobook plural) so that you can take advantage of bookmarking where you’re at if you go off to listen to music (assuming you have 01.01.29 or 01.01.30 firmware).

If you’re lucky enough to have access to NetLibrary audiobook downloads too, NetLibrary works well using Windows Media Player.  Two notes: (1) play the file in WMP first and it will download the license.  (2) then you’ll want to right click the audiobook in the right pane (should be Now Playing List), select Advanced Tag Editor, and change the Genre to Audiobook (note there is not an ‘s’ here) so that you can take advantage of bookmarking where you’re at if you go off to listen to music (again assuming you have 01.01.29 or 01.01.30 firmware).  Then add the audiobook to the Sync tab and sync to the Clip.

Let us know how things work out.  Hope this helps.

You were right it was Overdrive software that I was using to download books. I have switched it to MTP mode, it was on auto detect. I will try downloading another book and see if it works.Putting it in the audio books folder on the Clip will also reduce errors?


well ran into some problems when I ask it to transfer the downloaded audio book parts

Microsoft Active Syn 4.5 starts up and I get a message saying"the feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is not available. Then it asks to enter an alternatative path to a folder that contain the installation package 1 setup(1)msi

I deleted the active synch off my pc, lets see if that helps

The fact it tried to go though activesync tells me your overdrive sw might be detecting multiple possible locations for the overdrive content.  When you hit the transfer button, check out the player it lists to make sure the Clip is the one (I have a laptop where it always wants to put the content on an installed SD card as the default location).

Putting it in the audiobooks folder will gain you bookmarking features, but shouldn’t effect this problem you are having.

Overdrive books have a license that doesn’t expire after the book is on the player (doesn’t keep track of how long it has been since the license was obtained) so I’m not sure why you’d ever get that subscription notice. I have seen that with Netlibrary when the time limit for the book has been exceeded. 

I believe some people with strange subscription problems have fixed them by reformatting the Clip, but you will lose the content already on it.