Attempt to update sansa express using 2nd method fails with updater hanging after reformat

I am attempting to update the firmware of  a sansa express

I was unable to use the regular updater because of the windows x64 limitation.  so I tried the zip file method. I downloaded the zipfile as suggested in the thread on updating the sansa express firmware; I put the driver in the proper directory and  I was able to put the unit into sansa recovery mode by inserting the player while holding the volume - button and loading the driver; and the updater ran through the format portion and sat there.  now, nothing can be done with the unit at all.  it is registering as a 1GB storage device and nothing more.  I subsequently found a “new” updater, with no 64 bit limitation, not mentioned in the above referenced thread, but it won’t recognize the unit, since it has been wiped clean.  What can I do now? Isn’t there a file I can load onto the unit manually? Any help you could provide would be appreciated, since the only method everyone seems to be referencing depends on this zipfile’s updater which does nothing on my machine.

thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give.



2.2 GHz 3GB

sansa express 1 GB with no expansion card

Is the lack of response to my question due to any failure on my part to ask correctly?  Please advise as otherwise I just turned my friend’s MP3 player into a brick with no recourse in sight.



You might try posting in the appropriate board:

All Other MP3 Players

good thing i didn’t wait 4 more days to ask rofl thanks for answering


clueless, obviously lmao