Arm Strap Accessory for Sansa Clip?

I use my Sansa clip while lifting weights but there’s no real good place to clip it on my t-shirt or waist band. I’ve had it come loose and fall, but it pulls up short when it gets to the end of the earbud cord and that’s going to cause some damage if it keeps happening. I can clip it on the neckband of my-shirt but it’s uncomfortable there, and it’s almost in the way when I lift.

Some people attach their phones to an armband so they’re out of the way. I’ve been looking for an arm band suitable to hold a Sansa Clip. I’ve been searching Amazon and there are quite a few out there but I don’t want to guess which one is appropriate. They’re not overly expensive, but I’d rather know up front which one (s) would work.

I’m looking for a strap that’s relatively thin that has a small pocket that the Sansa Clip would drop into and be held securely.

Anybody have any recommendations?

Interesting that you mention this.  I have an inexpensive, old armband (without a pouch to hold a player) meant for another player, that has an extra layer/loop of material that is perfect for the Clip’s clip to attach to; it’s really not a whole lot more than a piece of velcro plus fabric that goes around the arm.  It may have been for an iRiver iHP-140 jukebox player, which came with a leather case with a springclip on the back.  I don’t recall where I purchased it, but perhaps the description will help in finding an alternative.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll keep looking.