Another Question... Pasted first album..but not working properly


Another question - I pasted my first album (wpa-lossless) file on my Fuze and when I go to it, it just cycles through (so 1,2,3, etc. and then it starts again.  The songs don’t look like they have any length, if that makes sense.  The bar on the bottom goes from 0:00 to 0:00.  The weird thing is the player will play all the music pre-loaded on there, and when I tried copying a song off the player onto the computer, it played.  So it’s not the song file itself I guess.  

What did I do wrong? And how do I fix it?

Thank you so much!!  This forum is very helpful for a newbie!


WMA Lossless is not a supported audio format. Meaning it won’t work. You’ll have to re-rip to plain 'ol .wma format, .mp3, .ogg or .flac.

Thank you so much! Is there a “best” format or are they all the same?

yoj wrote:

Thank you so much! Is there a “best” format or are they all the same?


Depends on what your goals are . . . FLAC is ‘lossless’. OGG is good, but still a ‘lossy’ format. WMA and MP3 are both ‘lossy’, but the files sizes are much lower, so you can fit more music on in the same amount of space.

It boils down to quality vs. quantity. Browse around, use the Search function; there are many discussions on the subject. :smiley:

The freeMedia Coder (not to be confused with the Sansa Media Converter) will convert between many kinds of files.

Don’t read discussions. Do a test.

Take one of your favorite songs from a CD and convert it to FLAC, to mp3 at various bitrates (320, 256, 192) and maybe to .ogg or .wma at various bitrates, though if you’re ever planning to own another portable player I’d stick to .mp3 because other formats are not necessarily supported.

Put the converted files on your Fuze and listen through good phones in a quiet room. If you detect a major difference in quality at the lower bitrate, then use lossless (FLAC) or use a higher bitrate.  If not, enjoy having a lot more songs on the unit.