Android to wireless flash drive

Hi all, 

Normally I am pretty good at figuring things out. Let me start by saying that I bought the SanDisk connect wireless flash drive so that I could up load files From my nexus 7 ( as it has no external memory) without having to plug into anything. So far I have not been able to figure out how to upload PDF files from my nexus to the drive over WiFi. I am running lollipop on a 2nd gen nexus 7. I installed the sandisk app, however it only let’s me look at files on the drive and not actually uploading them from nexus to the drive to free up space. The demonstration video only showed Apple…will someone please help me so I don’t have to take this item back.

Thank you in advance

Nevermind… I figured it out. The drive let’s you decide on where you would like to pull the files from. And since all of my files on the Nexus were downloaded… I selected android “downloads” from within the sandisk connect software. Then it let me choose. I notice that if I press and hold one file it will give me the option to select more or select all. It worked pretty good.