android app performance

I’ve been fooling around with the WFD for a couple of days now.  And it solves some of my space issues.

I have noticed one odd thing.  The performance of the Android App is lower than just using the browser interface.  The time it takes to download files from the WFD to my phone or tablet is noticeably longer using the App.  But most telling is when streaming video from the WFD - using the same app to play the video - selecting it from the WFD app stutters and has buffering problems but doesn’t when selected from the web interface.  Of my 2 Android devices, the older, slower one has more buffering events than the faster one (but again none via the web interface).

If it helps my devices are:

the faster device is a Nexus 7 (2012 version) running 4.4.2

the slower device is a HTC EVO 4g  running 4.0.3